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Our Vision

ASCT, LLC. has developed business solution packages, for all the industries we support: Semiconductors, MOCVD, Ion Implantation, Continuous Casting of non-ferrous and precious metals. ASCT offers a team of experienced industry professionals with an understanding of these market demands, we can a support our customers, even beyond their expectations.

About Us

ASCT was founded in 2003 by industry Professionals with the belief that they could develop the technology and business model to provide our customers with the lowest cost of ownership for parts used in their processes. This included providing new parts, repairing, cleaning and/or re-engineering parts that would increase lifetimes and improve product yields.

After rapid growth during the first two years the company moved to its present location in Durham, CT. Along the way ASCT has provided an invaluable service to its customers and has developed numerous partnerships with like minded companies...that is to help its customers reduce their operating cost through cost savings and/or innovation.

ASCT continues to develop their technology and expand their product offerings as they move into development of new materials, new performance coating, new designs and supporting technology, all in an effort to reduce cost and improve performance for their customers.

In many situations, the re-engineering of the parts/assembly will allow our customers to increase performance and/or reduce cost. It also allows them to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace by using tools specially modified with their process in mind.


Machining - We have installed the latest CNC machining centers that provide versatility in machining capability as well as accuracy and repeatability. This allows us to supply our customers with new or replacement OEM parts that meet and / or exceed their specifications.

Inspection - using our Coordinate Measuring Machine or “CMM” in our inspection process provides the information needed to insure your parts meet your specifications. When practical we will utilize other precision instruments that follow our strict calibration and re-certification process to insure accuracy.

Purification - Throughout our history we have been on the leading edge of providing high purity graphite parts that achieves or is less than the 5ppm guarantee as defined as semiconductor industry standards. Customers benefit when we develop specific processes to meet their unique requirements and optimize their products performance.

Vacuum Impregnated Individual Part or “VIIP” - As a method to improve the performance of graphite parts, ASCT has developed an enhanced vitreous or “glassy carbon” impregnation and coating process which drastically reduces particle generation and increases part life.

• Vacuum Impregnated Individual Parts as it implies means each part is impregnated by itself to allow for maximum penetration. This unique vacuum process allows sealing depths to be varied depending on the application.

• VIIP allows the process to be performed on material as low as 2 micron grain size while achieving overall purity levels less than 5ppm (GDMS) for 25 elements

• All components are cleaned and impregnated in a Class 1,000 Clean Room

Cleaning - Our ThermaGas process is an effective alternative to the traditional wet etch or bead blasting methods. With our ThermaGas process we can gently remove your process that is adjusted to accommodate the based material be it, Graphite, Ceramic, Quartz or Metals. We can do this without:

• Damaging the part as can be seen with bead blasting:

• Leave residue or create the need for extended outgassing time in the tool due to use of a wet etch process.

• This in turn can increase the lifetime of the part by 2 to 3X if alternative cleaning methods are used.

• In addition we have developed our “soft clean” process for use on metals or quartz that can be distorted or changed structurally when exposed to high temperatures.

Inventory Control - We handle hundred’s of customer parts each month for ThermaGas cleaning, repair or reverse engineering therefore we need to insure that all customer parts are handled and processed correctly then safely returned unharmed. We have developed an inventory control process to which we can track how many times each part has been cleaned which can help to determine anticipated life cycles.

Logistics - We work with our customer to develop reusable packaging and help find the best shipping methods to optimize costs.

End of Life recycling – We can use our ThermaGas cleaning to recover graphite parts to a safe purity level so they can be recycled vs. being disposed as hazardous material.


MOCVD – We support the production of 3D sensors (using the VSCEL process), lasers for communications products, high efficiency solar cells, solar panels for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and aerospace applications, just to name a few.

Ion Implantation – This is a process by which ions of a material are accelerated in an electrical field and impacted into a solid, typically silicon wafers. This process is used to change the physical, chemical, or electrical properties of the silicon wafer used in semiconductor device fabrication of products such as Dram and Cmos. ASCT is focused on providing our customers with new parts, our VIIP impregnation process as well as our cleaning services that will eliminate particle generation as die sizes continue to shrink.

Semiconductor – We support multiple customers in various semiconductor applications where high quality, purity and our ability to support R&D is a key to their success.

Continuous Casting of non ferrous and precious metals - Historically, we have been supporting the production of copper, bronze, brass, gold and silver for over 40 years. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide the graphite dies, crucibles, graining boxes, etc. using the grades of graphite that are the best fit for your application.

Our Latest News

ISO 9001:2015

We are pleased to announce that ASCT, LLC. successfully updated our ISO Certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.  

ASCT Cleaning Process

Aixtron 14 x 3″ Susceptor  –  After

ASCT Cleaning Process

Aixtron 14 x 3″ Susceptor – Before
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